Sugar Factory Review: A Modern Love Story Unfolds

Sugar Factory takes us on a captivating journey through the lives of Arya and Aditi, two individuals who share a common disbelief in the institution of marriage. Their paths cross in an unlikely setting—a bustling pub in Goa—sparking a relationship that defies their own principles.

The story begins with Ammalu (played by Ruhani Shetty), a popular Youtuber, who ventures to Goa to visit the famous Sugar Factory pub. There, she meets Arya (Darling Krishna), a lively wedding planner with a penchant for enjoying life without the burdens of serious commitments. He shares his past experiences, including his encounter with Adithi (Sonal Monteiro), a like-minded techie who shares Arya’s views on life and love.

In a moment of spontaneity, fueled by intoxication, Arya and Adithi broadcast their decision to elevate their relationship on Instagram Live. However, reality dawns, and they soon part ways, realizing the clash in their life philosophies.

As Arya tries to move on, he returns to his native Mysuru, where he meets Nandini, whose choosy nature leads her to fall for him, adding another twist to his love story. The suspense of whether Arya will reunite with Adithi or choose a new life with Nandini keeps the audience engaged.

Directed by Deepak Aras, Sugar Factory is a narrative rooted in reality, taking its time to flesh out each character. While following a predictable pattern in its romantic plot, the film explores the complex layers of modern relationships and how today’s youth navigate them. The story, although entertaining, pivots to more serious undertones towards the climax. The visuals set in Goa and Kazakhstan are stunning, though the abrupt placement of songs occasionally disrupts the narrative’s flow.

Darling Krishna continues to excel in the romantic genre with his portrayal of Arya, bringing a natural flair to the character. The performances by Sonal and Adhvithi add diverse perspectives to the tale. Sugar Factory, a contemporary love story, is an enjoyable film that resonates well with a weekend audience.

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⭐⭐⭐½ (3.5/5 Stars)

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