Tollywood’s Star Brothers: Behind-the-Scenes Drama?

Evaro, manchi hits tho Tollywood lo talk of the town ayina two star brothers are back in the buzz! While okkadu’s film became a talk of the town, inkodu had a mixed bag. Kani, ippudu, a spicy rumour is making rounds about their upcoming big-ticket movies.

Both movies are not just high on budget but also packed with stunning VFX. And here’s the hot gossip: Are our star brothers playing unofficial directors? From overseeing daily shoots to editing, from diving deep into VFX to managing business bits – seems like they’re calling the shots!

In one brother’s film, we have a star director on board – but ahem, his last movie didn’t quite set the screen on fire. The other brother’s film? Rumour has it that there isn’t even a ‘proper’ director! For whatever reasons, it feels like both brothers are wearing the director’s hat, and the early signs are promising.

But here’s the twist! Ee behind-the-scenes moves valla, some directors might be getting jitters. Thinking, “Ee brothers tho work chesthe, will they let us take charge?” As long as their stealthy ways don’t become headlines and the movies turn out to be hits, these brothers will be cruising in the Tollywood fast lane!

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