Love-All Movie Review: Kay Kay Menon Shines in a Sports Drama with Heart

“Love-All” is a testament to the simplicity of storytelling. Sudhanshu Sharma presents a tale that’s both heartwarming and relatable, although not without its shortcomings.

The narrative revolves around Siddharth (played by Kay Kay Menon), a once-aspiring national-level badminton player whose dreams were crushed by fate. This bitter experience makes him wary of his son, Aditya (Ark Jain), taking up the sport. However, a twist of events sees Siddharth becoming his son’s coach.

While sports dramas in Bollywood have often followed a familiar blueprint, especially post the success of movies like “Chak De! India”, “Love-All” attempts to bring a fresh perspective to the table. While the film revolves around badminton, a sport not frequently showcased in movies, Sudhanshu’s genuine love for the game and his personal connection to the story are palpable throughout.

Despite its predictable structure, the core of “Love-All” is its intriguing storyline. It sheds light on the corruption within sports systems and emphasizes the emotional toll it takes on players. However, the movie’s pitfalls lie in its broadly written subplots. From an unfinished love story to underdeveloped side characters, there are moments when the narrative seems to falter.

Kay Kay Menon, a seasoned actor, once again proves his mettle. Interestingly, the younger version of his character is played by real-life badminton player Deep Rambhiya, who makes a commendable acting debut. While Swastika Mukherjee and Shriswara deliver solid performances, their roles are unfortunately limited.

Directorially, Sudhanshu views scenes as episodic, which sometimes leads to jarring transitions, particularly during flashbacks. The musical score by Saurabh-Vaibhav has its charm, though its placement in the film feels somewhat misplaced.

In Conclusion, “Love-All” is a commendable effort that resonates with genuine intent. If you’re looking for a simple story with heart, it might be worth your time.

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