Bad Manners Review: A Gritty, Unconventional Thrill Ride

Embark on a journey through Suri’s latest cinematic creation, Bad Manners, where viewers are plunged into a world mirroring reality, yet veiled beneath city lights. This tale of suspense and intrigue revolves around Rudresh, portrayed by Abishek Ambareesh, a police officer who loses his gun and ventures into the murky underbelly of Ghoda in search of a substitute.

True to Suri’s style, the film unfolds in a world that’s neither rosy nor promising happy endings. It’s a universe reflecting life’s harsh realities, where justice and rewards are meted out unexpectedly. Bad Manners delves into the interconnected worlds of gun making and gold smuggling, presenting a narrative close to reality yet hidden.

The movie’s first half may seem a whirlwind of characters, making fleeting appearances and exits, setting a stage where every piece seems scattered. It’s in the second half where Suri’s storytelling magic comes alive, as these pieces fall into place, revealing a bigger picture. Suri’s films create a sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), and Bad Manners is no exception.

Character names like Maghai, Phoenix, and Gunnis Ravi add a quirky flavor, and the locales—Ghoda, Boodigudda, Gantekamba—further enhance this eccentric vibe. However, where Suri’s films often shine in their sarcastic dialogue, Bad Manners falls slightly short. Despite this, Abishek Ambareesh’s commanding performance more than makes up for it, delivering authenticity that anchors the film.

While the film could have benefited from a deeper emotional connection, particularly between the protagonist and the female leads, Rachita Ram and Taara, it still manages to captivate. The cinematography by Shekar S is noteworthy, capturing the dusty, quarry-filled landscape with distinctive flair. The action sequences, choreographed by Ravi Varma, are executed with precision, adding to the film’s raw and rugged aura.

In essence, Bad Manners is a testament to Suri’s unique storytelling style. It’s a mix-masala of raw emotions, rugged landscapes, and unfiltered reality that only Suri can deliver.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5 Stars)

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