Kaathal – The Core Review: A Poignant Tale of Personal and Political Struggles

Kaathal – The Core emerges as a cinematic gem, masterfully blending emotions, music, and drama in a subtle yet powerfully engaging narrative. The film, starring Mammootty and directed by Jeo Baby, embarks on a journey that navigates the complexities of personal and professional turmoil.

The story centers around Mathew Devassy, portrayed by Mammootty, an independent candidate in the throes of a local byelection. His life takes an unexpected turn when his wife of 20 years, Omana, files for divorce. The unfolding plot delicately explores the reasons behind this seismic shift in their lives, delving into long-held secrets and their implications on all involved.

The film’s strength lies in its direct approach to sensitive issues, eschewing innuendo and euphemisms. It boldly addresses the nuances of relationships and societal norms, shedding light on how legal systems, societal institutions like the church, and familial dynamics are adapting to change. The truth, as depicted in the film, becomes a liberating force for the characters.

Kaathal – The Core distinguishes itself with its understated portrayal of emotions, music, and drama, which paradoxically heightens the tension and impact of the narrative. Jeo Baby’s skillful use of sound, previously evidenced in The Great Indian Kitchen, shines through again, particularly in a climactic scene between Mathew and Omana where the absence of dramatic music amplifies the power of their dialogue.

The cinematography by Salu K Thomas and the editing by Francies Louis contribute to the film’s overall gentle yet pervasive mood. Composer Mathews Pulickan’s score perfectly complements the narrative, enhancing the emotional depth of the film without overpowering it.

Mammootty’s portrayal of Mathew Devassy is a testament to his exceptional talent. He brings to life a character etched with fear, falsehoods, and deep-seated pathos. Jyothika, as the silent yet strong Omana, complements Mammootty’s performance with her grace and determination. The chemistry between the lead pair, despite the film’s serious undertone, is noteworthy. The supporting cast also delivers commendable performances, adding richness to the story.

Kaathal – The Core is more than just a film; it’s a conversation starter, potentially spurring societal introspection and change. Its portrayal of complex human emotions and societal challenges makes it a compelling watch, leaving a lasting impact on its audience.

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