Theeppori Benny: A Political Satire Full of Quirks and Twists

Step right into the heart of politics with Theeppori Benny. Directed by Raajesh Mohan and scripted by Joji Thomas, this film is a roller-coaster, trying to carve its niche in the world of political satires, reminiscent of Vellimoonga. And yes, there’s a shadow of the unconventional hero trope that’s hard to ignore.

Meet Benny (Arjun Ashokan). He’s no ordinary youth. He’s a pillar of support for his family, especially since his politician father is too wrapped up helping the villagers. But, can we really fault Benny for feeling a tad bitter? After all, his dad is selling family properties to help the townsfolk, putting their financial stability at stake. But Benny’s resilience is admirable; juggling odd jobs to keep the family afloat. Yet, when the tide turns against him, he resorts to some not-so-conventional means. Enter Benny’s dad, Chettayi, played by Jagadeesh, in an intriguing performance that catches the eye.

The story’s core? It’s about Benny’s metamorphosis. From a young man aiming for a stable government job to becoming an unexpected public figure, thanks to some unforeseen twists and turns. His journey, peppered with clashes and resolutions with his father, makes for an engaging narrative. Although, Chettayi’s character might raise a few eyebrows – in today’s age, he might come off a tad too carefree and inconsiderate as a family man.

Now, let’s talk about Benny. There are shades of grey in him. While it’s true that children aren’t entitled to their parents’ assets, relationships need mutual respect and understanding. The film, though filled with satirical punches, has moments that might make you cringe. Like an over-enthusiastic political endorsement scene that could’ve been toned down. And yes, a slightly clearer narrative about Benny’s changing feelings towards Femina George’s character would’ve been helpful.

There’s also a recurring comic relief: TG Ravi’s character. His incessant chatter about relying on Chettayi for his child’s grand wedding might tickle your funny bone or, maybe, just make you wonder about the satirical nuances.

In its essence, Theeppori Benny offers a good time, boosted by Sreerag Sajeesh’s musical numbers. The laughs are aplenty, ensuring that as a pure entertainer, it hits the right notes.

Theeppori Benny

Director: Raajesh Mohan

Script: Joji Thomas

Cast: Arjun Ashokan, Jagadeesh, Femina George

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 (3/5)

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