Maharani Review: A Misguided Tale of Love and Consequences

In a week where veteran actor Mammootty impresses with a fresh, bold story in Kaathal, it’s disheartening to see young talents like Roshan Mathew and Shine Tom Chacko in Maharani, a film that struggles to rise above mediocrity.

Maharani follows the story of two brothers, Vijeesh and Aji, portrayed by Roshan Mathew and Shine Tom Chacko respectively. These village Casanovas find themselves in a whirlwind of trouble when one of Vijeesh’s numerous girlfriends disappears, sparking outrage from her family. The brothers are then thrust into a race against time to locate her or face dire consequences.

The film starts with a promise of political drama, only to devolve into a tedious test of patience. The narrative tries to intertwine political elements with the brothers’ frantic search, but this combination fails to create a cohesive or engaging story.

Both Roshan and Shine put forth commendable efforts to portray characters that are meant to be charming despite their flaws. However, their characters’ tendencies to treat relationships frivolously and the evident instances of misogyny, especially in Vijeesh’s interactions with his ex-girlfriend, leave much to be desired.

Director G Marthandan, along with writer Ratheesh Ravi and producer Sujit Balan, seems to have missed the mark in delivering a story that resonates or challenges societal norms. Maharani, with its flawed narrative and underdeveloped characters, stands in stark contrast to the progressive themes seen in other contemporary films.

The film, unfortunately, does not live up to the potential of its cast, leaving audiences with a sense of disappointment. The decision to invest in such a script raises questions about the direction and vision behind Maharani. In an era where cinema is breaking barriers and exploring deeper themes, Maharani appears as a missed opportunity to contribute something meaningful to the conversation.

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⭐⭐ (2/5 Stars)

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