Shankar Ramakrishnan’s Thriller ‘Rani’ Unveils its Trailer: A Tale of Female Power and Revenge

The much-anticipated trailer of the movie ‘Rani’, penned and directed by the illustrious Shankar Ramakrishnan, has made its debut through the official page of renowned actor Prathviraj Sukumaran. Setting a gripping tone from the get-go, the trailer uncovers the mysterious death of MLA Dharmarajan, taking the audience on a roller coaster ride of suspenseful investigation. The narrative establishes itself as a quintessential investigative thriller.

In an era where cinemas are dominated by foreign titles and big star-led films, ‘Rani’ breaks through by banking on its compelling story. Enhanced by a riveting screenplay, the movie showcases a tale of vengeance dominated by a strong female character. And as cinema enthusiasts always say, regardless of the magnitude of star power, the essence of a film is its core story. This belief holds paramount importance for ‘Rani’.

Cinema has been a longstanding medium of joy. Movie theaters, serving as the backdrop, enhance the cinematic experience manifold. This very sentiment resonates with the makers of ‘Rani’, who aim to lure audiences to theaters. Steering clear of promotional gimmicks, they’ve embarked on a journey to present the film genuinely to the masses.

The movie promises to redefine the genre of female-centric revenge films by infusing it with clever twists, intelligence, and strategy. The film boasts of a stellar cast including celebrated stars Urvashi, Bhavana, Honey Rose, Anumol, Mala Parvathy, and National Award winner Indrans. Additionally, the cast features notable names like Guru Somasundaram, Maniyan Pillai Raju, Ashwin Gopinath, Krishnan Balakrishnan, Abhi Sabu, and Amy Prabhakaran.

With Mena Melath setting the film’s musical tone, Cinematography by Vinayak Gopalan, Editing prowess by Appu Bhattathiri, and Art Direction by Arun Venjaramood, ‘Rani’ is set to be a visual and auditory treat. The film, under the production banner of Magic Veil Productions, is jointly produced by Shankar Ramakrishnan, Vinod Menon, and Jimmy Jacob. The film’s release is eagerly awaited, with production inching towards completion.

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