Ektaa Kapoor’s Sassy Reply on TYFC’s Adult Genre!

When you think of drama and entertainment in Bollywood, Ektaa Kapoor is sure to cross your mind. Recently, our drama diva stirred a lively chat on social media. A user playfully nudged her about her penchant for making adult movies. Without missing a beat, Ektaa volleyed back with, “I’m an adult, so why shouldn’t I make adult movies?”

But that’s not all the sass she had to offer. Speaking about her latest venture, Thank You For Coming, she shared some spicy tidbits. Crafted alongside the dynamic Rhea, the film aims not just to challenge but to playfully tease society’s conventions, making them rethink their beliefs.

The reactions to this adult-comedy have been, let’s say, diverse. From criticisms that the movie challenges cultural norms (since when is self-pleasure a crime?) to hearty applause from global critics, Ektaa and her team have seen it all.

Directed by the talented Karan Boolani, Thank You For Coming parades a galaxy of stars like Bhumi Pednekar, Shehnaaz Gill, and the evergreen Anil Kapoor. This high-octane chick flick set the screens ablaze on October 6, 2023.


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