Actor Prakash Raj Faces Allegations Over Unauthorized Construction in Kodaikanal

Prakash Raj, the versatile actor known for his multi-lingual talents, has once again found himself amidst controversy. The Kodaikanal Panchayat has raised eyebrows and issued a notice to Raj over alleged unauthorized construction of a bungalow on government-owned land. The land in question falls under the jurisdiction of Will Patti Panchayat, situated in the scenic Kodaikanal region of Tamil Nadu’s Dindugal district.

The media spotlight intensified when reports emerged that the Kodaikanal Panchayat officials had dispatched notices to both Prakash Raj and fellow actor Bobby Sinha. The reason? Constructing bungalows in Kodaikanal, a much-frequented summer resort destination, without securing requisite permissions from the government. Specifically, Raj stands accused of both building a house and paving a road on land earmarked as the Forest Department’s property, all without the government’s go-ahead.

Bobby Sinha, another cine artist, faces similar charges. According to complaints lodged by a local farmer during a Grievance Day session orchestrated by the Dindigul District Collector, Sinha is allegedly erecting a three-tiered structure, devoid of the necessary permissions.

Further complicating the situation, KV Mahendran, a village president and farmer from Pethuparai, is said to have encroached on government land near Annanagar in Pethuparai and Bharathipuram, supposedly in cahoots with the aforementioned actors. Allegations also suggest that the newly constructed roads impede the local populace, denying them access.

Responding promptly, Dindugal Tehsildar Raja spearheaded an official team to inspect the contentious sites on Thursday and Friday. Post inspection, Raja emphasized that if these infrastructures have indeed been erected without clearances from planning, panchayat, revenue, and forest authorities, an explanatory notice will be in the offing.

Concluding the series of events, Deputy Block Development Officer R. Pandikumar Prasad confirmed the issuance of notices to both actors. They are now mandated to provide a comprehensive explanation for their alleged infractions, accompanied by relevant plan drawings, all within a seven-day timeframe.

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