Mammootty’s Riveting Look in ‘Abraham Ozler’ Sets the Internet Buzzing!

The Malayalam cinema landscape is abuzz, and the reason? A tantalizing glimpse of superstar Mammootty from the sets of ‘Abraham Ozler’. Dressed in a compelling rugged avatar, complete with a dense beard, fans are left on tenterhooks, speculating about the nature of his role.

The picture has further fuelled the excitement surrounding this project helmed by the brilliant Midhun Manuel Thomas. While Mammootty’s screen-time might be limited, given it’s a cameo, there’s no denying that he’ll imprint his signature depth and charisma to the role.

For those unfamiliar with ‘Abraham Ozler’, the storyline delves deep into the complex life of ACP Trichur, played by the adept Jayaram. The movie escalates in its thrill quotient as ACP Trichur dives into an investigation of a series of spine-chilling serial murders. As the plot unravels, the quest for truth emerges as a dominant theme, promising to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Scripted by the gifted Randheer Krishnan, ‘Abraham Ozler’ pledges a combination of intense drama and profound character development. While Mammootty’s appearance in the film is brief, the intrigue around his character is palpable. It’s evident that even in a cameo, the veteran actor is set to leave a lasting impact.

As we inch closer to the film’s release, both aficionados and critics are on the lookout to dissect the depth Mammootty’s role will introduce to this already compelling narrative.

‘Abraham Ozler’ is not just another film. It shoulders the weight of expectations, primarily because it’s looked upon as Jayaram’s big comeback, especially after his last venture, ‘Makal’ (despite being directed by the seasoned Sathyan Anthikad), couldn’t strike a chord at the box office.

Given the buzz and anticipation, one thing’s certain – ‘Abraham Ozler’ is destined to be a topic of discussion for a while!

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