Prachi Tehlan Celebrates Onam in Kochi: Reliving ‘Mamangam’ Memories and Savoring Sadhyas

Onam, the harvest festival, holds a special charm for everyone, not just Keralites. And when you talk about Onam, the traditional Sadhya feast is always at the forefront. The saying goes, “Kaanam Vittum Onam Unnanam,” meaning the importance of indulging in the Onam feast, even if it means selling one’s property!

Dive into Prachi Tehlan's Onam celebrations

Renowned actor and former sportsperson, Prachi Tehlan, famous for her outstanding performance in ‘Mamangam’, is soaking up the Onam vibes in Kochi this season.

In an exclusive chat with ETimes, the charismatic actress opened up about her maiden Onam experience and her plans for this year’s celebration. “It was 2019 when I celebrated my first Onam alongside the ‘Mamangam’ team. We were promoting our movie, and I fondly recall our visit to Guruvayoor, with the talented young Achu (Achuthan B Nair). That was a time filled with warm Onam spirits,” shared Prachi with a touch of nostalgia.

Having moved to Kochi to delve deeper into the Malayalam and broader South Indian film world, she added, “The rich content here is what attracts me the most. It’s time to explore more of my acting prowess.”

Prachi Tehlan Onam Celebration

Now, coming to the heart of Onam – the feast! “Being in Kochi for Onam has been exhilarating. Till now, I’ve relished five Sadhyas and can’t wait for more. The variety, especially the 26 distinct dishes, is remarkable. While I adore Payasam, Aviyal, Sambar, Rasam, and Inji Puli top my list. Enjoying these on a banana leaf? Absolute bliss!” exclaimed the ‘Mamangam’ star.

Prachi further gave a sneak peek into her festive itinerary, “Onam-themed shoots have been keeping me busy. Plus, I’m thrilled to announce my role in ‘Gentleman 2’, marking my Tamil debut. This Onam is all about heartwarming food and cherished moments with my dear ones. Tomorrow’s plan? Fun times with friends and, yes, more Sadhyas!”

As Prachi Tehlan revels in the Onam festivities, she leaves her fans with hearty memories and the promise of stellar performances to come.

Image courtesy: Instagram @prachitehlan

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