Director Akash Srivatsa Embraces AI for Scriptwriting

Filmmaker Akash Srivatsa, fresh off the release of “Shivaji Surathkal 2”, has turned to the modern marvel of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an assistant in his scriptwriting process.

Driven by curiosity about AI’s potential, Srivatsa ventured into its capabilities, and the experience was transformative. He says, “I started with a rudimentary idea of a hero-heroine encounter, and AI presented a plethora of love story trajectories. It was captivating.” Following this revelation, the director began using AI more extensively in the formulation of his upcoming scripts.

Today, Srivatsa juggles two storylines, both benefiting from AI’s contributions. Reflecting on the traditional scriptwriting process, he mentions the critical role of co-writers and the inevitable creative blocks when they are unavailable. “During a recent spell when my co-writer couldn’t contribute, AI ensured I made significant progress,” he gleefully states. More impressively, some of the AI-suggested emotional scenes were exemplary.

The rising concern over AI potentially phasing out human jobs isn’t lost on Srivatsa. Yet, he sees AI not as a threat but as a supplementary tool. “While AI aids our profession, it isn’t a stand-in for human emotions or creativity,” he affirms.

Drawing attention to the ongoing Hollywood writers’ strike that hinges on similar concerns, Srivatsa underscores the distinction between genuine human emotions and AI. “Movies are a vessel for human sentiment. AI, no matter how advanced, cannot replicate the depth and breadth of human emotions we infuse into our tales. Employ AI judiciously, without overshadowing human creativity,” he advises.

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