Kangana’s Tejas: Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir Takes Centre Stage!

Bollywood buffs, gear up for a dhamaka! The much-talked-about film ‘Tejas’, featuring our very own Kangana Ranaut, is all set to captivate the audience with an intriguing twist – Ayodhya’s majestic Ram Mandir is going to play a crucial role in the storyline.

In ‘Tejas’, Kangana dons the role of a valiant Indian Air Force pilot. But the movie is not just about aerial adventures and sky-high aspirations. Ayodhya’s iconic Ram Mandir will be woven seamlessly into the plot, drawing parallels with the pilot’s life and mission. The mandir, a symbol of our nation’s bhakti and sanskriti, is expected to echo with the indomitable spirit of the Air Force, which stands for bravery and dedication.

This seamless melding of patriotism, spirituality, and cultural heritage will surely tug at the heartstrings of every Indian. Word is that the bond between Kangana’s character and the mandir will reveal layers to her persona, painting a vivid picture of her personal and professional odyssey.

The decision to spotlight such a revered monument speaks volumes about the filmmakers’ intent to craft narratives that resonate with the Indian soul. ‘Tejas’ promises a concoction of adrenaline-pumping action blended with the deep-rooted ethos of our Bharatiya culture.

So, with ‘Tejas’ set to dazzle cinema halls in the near future, all of us are eagerly waiting ki kaise is kahani ka parda faash hoga and how the essence of Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir will embellish this cinematic masterpiece.



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