Rakshit Shetty’s Saptha Sagara Dati – Side B Teaser Wins Hearts!

Swalpa adjust maadi, Kannadigas! The teaser for Rakshit Shetty’s much-anticipated film Saptha Sagara Dati – Side B is out, and it’s an absolute delight!

Teaming up once again with the radiant Rukmini after the massive success of Saptha Sagara Dati – Side A, Rakshit seems all set to take Sandalwood by storm. With Hemant Rao’s directorial touch, the teaser takes us on a captivating journey right from the intense opening scene in the jail.

The sakkath multilingual dialogues, featuring Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam, are a testament to the film’s pan-South appeal. And of course, Charan Raj’s melodious score only adds to the charm.

Mark your calendars, dear Kannadigas! November 17 is the date when this Sandalwood masterpiece will grace theatres across our beloved Karnataka and beyond. Don’t miss out on this cinematic marvel!

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