Vikraman Faces Legal Battle After Bigg Boss

Vikraman, known to many from his time in Bigg Boss season 6, finds himself amidst a whirlwind of controversies. A once-celebrated figure for reaching the show’s finals, Vikraman was an audience favorite, finishing a close second to Aseem. The engaging rivalry between Aseem, Vikraman, and Vikram’s playful strategies was the highlight of that season, keeping the viewers glued to their screens.

Post his Bigg Boss stint, Vikraman dived into the political arena. However, a shadow was cast over his newfound political career last July when a complaint was lodged against him. Krupa Munusamy, the complainant, alleged that Vikraman had played with her emotions, making her believe in a romantic relationship, and in the process, borrowed Rs. 13.7 lakhs. Though he returned Rs. 12 lakhs, he allegedly didn’t repay the remaining Rs. 1.7 lakhs.

Krupa’s grievances didn’t stop there. She expressed her disappointment in the Liberation Tigers Party, where Vikraman is an executive. Despite lodging a complaint there, she claimed they turned a blind eye. Unwavering, Krupa decided to take matters into her own hands, seeking legal redress.

Vikraman, on the other hand, strongly refuted these allegations. Stating his side of the story, he mentioned being prepared to confront the allegations in court. Unfortunately for Vikraman, the legal waters are heating up. Following a court order, he now faces charges under 13 sections, which include grave accusations like sexual assault and fraud. The case is registered at the women’s police station in Vadapalani, Chennai, with police investigations currently underway.

For those who admired Vikraman’s journey in Bigg Boss, these developments come as a shock. As the story unfolds, it remains to be seen how this chapter in Vikraman’s life pans out.

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