Samyuktha Opens Up: From Heartbreak to Bigg Boss

n a candid heart-to-heart, Samyuktha shed light on one of the most challenging periods of her life, revealing how the pandemic indirectly played a role in her journey to the Bigg Boss house.

COVID-19, while bringing the world to a standstill, unraveled personal upheavals for many, including Samyuktha. During these trying times, she discovered the shocking truth that her husband had been living with another person in Dubai for over four years. The news shattered her. The pain was intensified due to the timing – it came shortly after the Master audio launch.

However, fate works in mysterious ways. Samyuktha and Bhavana, living in the same apartment complex, found solace in each other’s company. While they were not close initially, shared walks led to deeper conversations. Despite the usual practice of brushing marital issues under the carpet, an emotional Samyuktha poured her heart out to Bhavana.



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Their bond grew stronger during the lockdown. They spent hours working out together, supporting one another. On an emotionally charged eighth wedding anniversary, Samyuktha found herself at a crossroads. Being a homemaker and emotionally dependent, she was unsure of her next steps. It was Bhavana who, seeing her potential, advised her to audition for Bigg Boss. Taking her advice to heart, she approached the show, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, if fans admire and recognize Samyuktha, it’s because of this transformative journey and the supportive friend she found in Bhavana.

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