Vijay Deverakonda Shares Candid Insights During Family Star Promotions

In the buzz of Family Star promotions, Vijay Deverakonda reveals his selective approach to film projects and his practical stance on film awards, captivating fans and the film industry.

In the buzz of promotions for his latest hit, Family Star, Vijay Deverakonda has been letting slip some intriguing truths, making headlines and becoming the talk of the town. Known for his straightforward approach, Deverakonda’s recent comments are not just idle chatter; they’re stirring up conversations, igniting the grapevine with his unique perspectives.

Vijay’s Take on Working with New Directors

Straight to the point, Vijay Deverakonda laid out why he tends to avoid films directed by newcomers. The actor, known for his selective choice in scripts, pointed out his cautious stance towards taking risks with debutant directors. It’s not about having anything against them, but more about playing it safe with directors who have a proven track record of box office success. This calculated approach sheds light on Deverakonda’s savvy in navigating the unpredictable film industry, always on the lookout for hits.

Filmfare Trophy? More Like a Piece of Stone!

And there’s more where that came from! Deverakonda opened up about auctioning off his very first Filmfare trophy, which he earned for his outstanding role in Arjun Reddy. Describing the trophy as just “a piece of stone,” he explained that this wasn’t about dismissing the value of the award but was a practical move to generate a significant sum of money. This unconventional step by Deverakonda reveals his grounded perspective, preferring substance over symbols, earning him even more respect from his fans.

These candid revelations from Deverakonda during the Family Star promotions have sparked a range of responses, from admiration for his honesty to discussions about his perspective on working with new directors and the real significance of film awards in an actor’s career. Clearly, Vijay Deverakonda continues to be a compelling figure, captivating audiences with his talent on-screen and his frank, refreshing views off-screen.

As Family Star gears up for its release, the spotlight is firmly on Deverakonda, with fans eager to witness the enchantment he brings to the cinema, mixed with his unmistakable charm and the off-screen revelations that keep everyone engaged. For all the latest updates and juicy tidbits from the world of movies, keep your eyes on www.climaxahh.com!



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