Boney Kapoor Expresses Love for Janhvi’s Beau Shikhar Pahariya: A Glimpse Into Kapoor Family Bonds

Boney Kapoor openly discusses his fondness for Janhvi Kapoor's rumored boyfriend, Shikhar Pahariya, offering insights into the supportive dynamics of the Kapoor family.

In the glittering world of Bollywood, where personal lives often become as headline-worthy as the movies themselves, Boney Kapoor has openly shared his affection for his daughter Janhvi Kapoor’s rumored boyfriend, Shikhar Pahariya. As Boney gears up for the release of his upcoming production, Maidaan, with Ajay Devgn leading the charge, he took a moment to express his thoughts on the young man who seems to have captured the Kapoor family’s heart.

In a candid chat with Zoom, Boney didn’t hold back, proclaiming, “I love Shikhar.” He revealed a touching detail that even when Janhvi and Shikhar were not seeing each other, he maintained a friendly rapport with Shikhar, underscoring the depth of their connection. “In fact, a couple of years back, Janhvi was not seeing him, but I was still friendly to him,” Boney elaborated, hinting at a bond that transcends typical in-law relationships.

Boney’s insights didn’t stop there. He shared his conviction about Shikhar’s lasting presence in their lives, stating, “I was convinced that he can never be an ex (to Janhvi), he’ll always be around.” This statement not only reflects his acceptance but also a deep-seated belief in Shikhar’s enduring role within the family fabric.

Shikhar’s rapport extends beyond Janhvi, touching the lives of Boney and his other children, including Arjun Kapoor, with warmth and camaraderie. “He is, and any person who has been there for you in any capacity, whether it is for Janhvi, whether it is for me, whether it is for Arjun, he is friendly to all. I feel we are really blessed to have somebody like him in our setup,” Boney added, painting a picture of a united, supportive family dynamic.

However, Boney also touched upon a recent incident where he declined to pose with Shikhar at the Mumbai airport, clarifying that it was Shikhar’s preference to keep the limelight on Boney. “He probably wanted me to have the limelight, so it wouldn’t be diluted by him being there. Or the headlines would have been ‘Shikhar and Boney’ instead of just Boney,” he explained, showcasing a mutual respect and understanding between them.

As Bollywood buzzes with rumors and speculations, Boney Kapoor’s open-hearted acceptance and love for Shikhar Pahariya stand out as a testament to the evolving nature of relationships in the limelight. With Maidaan set to hit the screens and Janhvi’s personal life blossoming under the watchful eye of her supportive family, it’s clear that love, in all its forms, reigns supreme in the Kapoor household.

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