Why Vijay Devarakonda’s VD12 Hit the Pause Button?

Mana Tollywood lo recent times lo biggest surprises lo okati, Vijay Devarakonda’s sudden switch from #VD12 to another film, #VD13. Andaru opukuntunna high buzz unna #VD12 film under Gautham Tinnanuri’s direction ni side petti, he’s now diving into his next venture with director Parasuram. So, idantha jarigina actual karanam emiti?

Gossips fly high saying Vijay wanted some storyline changes for #VD12. Kani asalaina katha veru! Nijam ga, #VD12 is a period drama with grand visuals, sets, and so on. With his previous movies like Liger and Kushi facing delays due to the pandemic and Samantha’s health, Vijay anna decided to first do a film that’s swift and smooth. Anduke he chose Parasuram’s film which is known to be a speedy project. If stars align, we might even see it shining for Sankranthi 2024.

With Sithara Entertainment funding this big-budget film #VD12, it’s crystal clear that this one’s going to be a cinematic gem we’d all eagerly wait for!

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