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MAD Review: Tollywood’s Youthful Fun Ride!

Narne Nithin’s College Antics Light Up the Screen!

MAD Telugu Movie Review 2023

Dive into the world of Ashok, DD, and Manoj in Tollywood’s latest sensation, MAD. Directed by Kalyan Shankar and starring the fresh face, Narne Nithin (Jr. NTR’s brother-in-law), this film is all about the rollercoaster ride of three engineering pals and their college escapades.

Journey with Ashok (Narne Nitin), DD (Sangeet Shobhan), and Manoj (Ram Nitin) as they navigate the ups and downs of college life. Add Jenny (Anantika) and Shruti (Gauri Priya) to the mix, and you’re set for a wild adventure.

What Works: The film shines brightest with its comedy. The camaraderie among the trio and their zany antics are bound to leave you chuckling. Especially noteworthy is the Girls Hostel sequence, which stands out for its sheer hilarity. Narne Nithin showcases promising skills, whether it’s his dance moves, fight sequences, or his natural performance. Sangeet Shobhan’s comedic timing is spot on, while Ram Nithin adds his own flair. Plus, Raghubabu and the supporting cast bring their A-game.

Where It Falls Short: While MAD scores high on fun, it may feel like a déjà vu experience for some, with familiar comedic scenarios playing out. Some comedy scenes may not land well for all. Moreover, the film’s narrative lacks a solid, unique plot. Essentially, it revolves around college life, giving it a seen-it-before feel.

Behind the Scenes: Production quality is top-notch, ensuring viewers get a visually pleasing experience. Bheem’s music, especially his folk and youth tunes, adds zest. The cinematography and editing are sharp, making for a slick production. While director Kalyan Shankar delivers a youth entertainer, he could have pushed the envelope by introducing fresh comedic content.

Final Words: MAD stays true to its name, offering a wild, enjoyable ride for those seeking entertainment. Stellar performances from the lead trio bolster the film. Though the plot feels routine in parts, MAD remains a worthy pick for those seeking light-hearted fun.

Climaxahh’s Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | 4/5

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