Sonam Kapoor Controversy: A Roast Video Sparks Debate!

The glitzy world of Bollywood saw a dash of controversy recently. Sonam Kapoor is catching quite some attention, but this time it’s not for her fashion or film. It’s a YouTube roast video! The winds whisper that Anand Ahuja dispatched a legal notice to a digital content creator, Raginyy, who dared to jest about some of the diva’s public remarks. And here’s the real masala: the video had merely 6K views!



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Netizens, in their true form, couldn’t resist a good debate. As more tuned in post the notice buzz, comments flooded in. One user quipped, “Watching this after the whole controversy, bro you’re actually fairly enabling her silly statements! Why the notices?!” Another pitched in, “These are things Sonam herself has said! Where’s the defamation?”

Reddit’s digital adda was buzzing too. Some pondered over countless similar roast videos sprawled across YouTube. A few even hinted that maybe it’s a PR stunt for Sonam’s impending comeback. As one user pointed out, “There are many videos titled ‘Sonam Kapoor dumb moments’, but the fuss is for a mere 6K view video?”

Amidst all this tamasha, Sonam is warming up for her Bollywood return after embracing motherhood in 2022. Fans will recall her last outing in the movie ‘Blind’, which graced an OTT platform.

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