Akshay Kumar Talks OMG 2’s “Adults Only” Tag & Real Story

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar’s recent film, OMG 2, is now streaming on Netflix and the actor is spilling some beans. What’s the twist? Akshay reveals that the film, even though meant for children, got slapped with an ‘adults only’ tag by the censor board. Wait, there’s more! The plot of the movie traces its roots to a real-life incident – a child’s expulsion from school.

Speaking with fervor, Akshay delved into his filmmaking philosophy. He emphasized that not every film he crafts is with the glint of money in his eyes. “If I blend my energy into social subjects, it’s my way of showing love to society. Sure, I can whip up movies like Singh is Kinng or Rowdy Rathore that fetch more moolah, but my heart sways towards impactful films like Padman or Airlift,” he shared.

About OMG 2, he was candid: “It’s a child-friendly film! But, it’s got this ‘adult film’ label. Why? No idea! There’s nothing ‘adult’ about it.” While Netflix gave him the liberty to stream the uncensored version, Akshay decided to honor the censor board’s decision. And here’s the real catch – the OMG 2 tale isn’t just a work of fiction. “A similar incident unfolded in reality. A kid was caught in school antics and was shown the door,” Akshay revealed.

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