Sanya Malhotra on Unity in Bollywood: No Room for Catfights

Bollywood’s shining star, Sanya Malhotra, recently shed light on the often-discussed topic of catfights in the film industry. She expressed a refreshing perspective, highlighting the unity and camaraderie among actresses.

Sanya believes that the industry is full of opportunities, and there’s no need for women to be in competition with each other. “There’s plenty of work for everyone. It’s not like we have to scramble or compete fiercely to make our mark,” she remarked. The actress further emphasized the importance of supporting and celebrating each other’s achievements.

Sharing insights from her latest film Jawan, Sanya revealed the deep bond she has formed with her co-stars. They’ve not just been colleagues on set but have turned into confidants off the screen as well. Their group chat is evidence of their strong bond, where they share their feelings and life moments, creating memories together.



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For Sanya, it’s not just about her co-stars. She feels fortunate to be surrounded by strong and inspiring women in all spheres of her life. She robustly dismissed the media’s fixation on alleged catfights, stating it’s just a PR gimmick. “In reality,” she asserts, “Bollywood’s women stand by each other. Their support and unity make me truly happy.” This spirit of sisterhood, according to her, is beautifully depicted in Jawan, with its ensemble female cast shining together.

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