Partner Movie Review: Yogi Babu’s Hilarious Transformation Takes the Spotlight!

“Partner”, directed by first-timer Manoj Damodharan, might not serve a sumptuous meal of storytelling or wit but dishes out some chuckles to munch on. The movie takes us on a journey with two quirky friends. Their chosen profession? Theft in its myriad forms. But things take a twist when they stumble upon a peculiar scientist and his even stranger invention. The machine, promising a complete visual overhaul of anyone who dares, becomes the epicenter of comedy when Yogi Babu unintentionally gives it a whirl, emerging as a youthful lady, embodied by Hansika.

The film takes its time warming up, with the first half offering sparse moments of genuine humor. However, post the whimsical Yogi Babu-Hansika metamorphosis, laughter becomes a regular visitor, courtesy of the ensuing comedic escapades.

Aadhi graces Tamil cinema with his presence after what seems like ages. Falling right into the comic groove, he keeps the audience engaged. As for Yogi Babu, while he starts off slightly off his usual rhythm, he undeniably shines after his transformation into Hansika.

On the technical side, the visuals do justice, ensuring the comedic theme is well captured. Santhosh Dhayanidhi’s melodies seamlessly blend in, never becoming a roadblock. The crisp duration of the film is another feather in its cap, keeping audiences engaged without overstaying its welcome.

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