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Ramachandra Boss and Co Review: Nivin Pauly’s Heist Attempt Misses the Mark!

Unpacking the Highs and Lows of the Latest Malayalam Heist Drama.

Ramachandra Boss and Co Review: Nivin Pauly's Heist Attempt Misses the Mark!

It’s undeniable that the Malayalam cinema has given audiences remarkable heist dramas in the past, with movies that beautifully capture local sentiments. While Hollywood sets a benchmark with masterpieces like Ocean’s Eleven, the indigenous movies must step up in terms of plot and suspense to match up. In this mix enters Haneef Adeni’s latest offering, “Ramachandra Boss and Co.”

The film revolves around Ramachandra Boss, enacted by the charismatic Nivin Pauly, who assembles a group to pull off a high-stakes theft in the UAE. Their task? Snatch a priceless painting from the clutches of the formidable millionaire, Amar.

From its outset, however, the movie seems to drag its feet. An elongated introduction, coupled with repetitive jokes, stalls the film’s momentum. The humor, especially centered around Shailesh’s (Vinay Forrt) failed romantic escapades, starts off amusing but soon turns tiresome.

While the movie’s narrative leaves much to be desired, standout performances do try to bridge the gap. Jaffar Idukki shines despite his character’s clichéd design. Yet, the movie’s crucial element, the heist itself, feels under-researched and hurried, making the audience question the film’s genre.

Nivin Pauly, bouncing back from his prior criticism, dazzles with his charm and style. However, the surrounding weak screenplay quickly dims his luminance. Vinay Forrt manages to hold his ground, but Mamitha Baiju and Aarsha Chandini Baiju seem lost with insufficient screen time and lackluster roles.

On the visual side, Vishnu Thandassery’s camera work is a saving grace, beautifully capturing the UAE landscapes. Midhun Mukundan’s musical offering deserves a nod, though its insertion in the film could raise eyebrows.

Appreciation is due for the film’s producers, Listin Stephen and Nivin Pauly, for a strategic release alongside blockbusters like King of Kotha and RDX. Their tactical move ensures Ramachandra Boss and Co doesn’t fade into the background.

To sum it up, “Ramachandra Boss and Co” is an example of how crucial good writing is to a film’s success.

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