Onam Celebrations Sparkle on ‘Bramayugam’ Sets with Mammootty Leading the Feast!

As the rich tapestry of Onam engulfs Kerala, its festivities resonate loudly on the sets of the eagerly-awaited movie ‘Bramayugam’, where the megastar Mammootty takes the lead not just in acting but in celebrations as well.

Embodying the spirit of the festival, the charismatic actor, acclaimed for his stellar roles, immersed himself in the Onam festivities. Alongside him, the entire cast and crew cherished the time-honored tradition of the Onasadhya – the grand feast of Onam.

For those keen on witnessing these off-camera moments, a heartwarming video showcases the ‘Bramayugam’ team indulging in the Onam festivities. What makes the celebrations even more endearing is the sight of Mammootty, the film legend, serving the Onasadhya, encapsulating the essence of love, warmth, and unity.


This delightful glimpse into the movie set’s festivities underscores the commitment, unity, and passion that are the driving forces behind this much-anticipated film. The palpable excitement for ‘Bramayugam’ gets an added dimension with Mammootty’s infectious enthusiasm and dedication.

The film’s helm, Rahul Sadasivan, acclaimed for his exceptional work in ‘Bhoothakaalam’, promises to take the audience on a riveting journey into horror and suspense. With Mammootty donning what’s rumored to be a spellbinding antagonist role and Arjun Ashokan leading the cast, ‘Bramayugam’ is shaping up to be a cinematic masterpiece.

Rahul Sadasivan’s prowess in the horror-thriller genre, especially given the acclaim ‘Bhoothakaalam’ received, raises the bar of expectations for ‘Bramayugam’. Adding to the fan’s excitement is the news of Mammootty’s impending thriller, ‘Kannur Squad’, set to grace theaters soon, keeping fans on their toes for a trailer release.

Image Credit: Instagram @mammootty

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