Behind The Glamour: Nitya Menon Opens Up About The Film Industry

Nitya Menon, a prominent name in the Indian film industry, recently shed light on the behind-the-scenes challenges that film stars face daily. While their lives might seem glamorous to the outside world, the reality, as she pointed out, is often quite different.

The star opened up about her lack of freedom and privacy, which she considers her biggest challenge. “Late-night walks or spontaneous outings are a luxury I can’t often afford,” Nitya remarked. On the flip side, she appreciates the flexible schedules in her line of work. “We might work intensively during shoots, but when it’s off, we truly get a break,” she added.

Joining her for the interview were actors Ranjipanikal and Mala Parvathy. They were promoting their upcoming project, Master Peace. The trio echoed a sentiment that many fail to recognize: acting is strenuous work. “The general perception is that our lives mirror the glitz and glamour we portray on screen, but it’s far from it,” Nitya stated. Mala Parvathy added, “Film shooting isn’t the fun spectacle many envision. It’s demanding and requires numerous sacrifices.”



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Master Peace, featuring Nitya Menon, is set for release on Disney Plus Hotstar. Helmed by Sreejith N, the trailer suggests it’s a family entertainer with a series of comical moments.

In another candid chat, Ranji Panicker revealed an intimate conversation with another industry giant, Mammukka (Mammootty). “For over 25 years, Mammootty has made dietary sacrifices to maintain his on-screen appearance. He’s missed out on the simple pleasures of life, like enjoying a meal,” Ranji shared.

Drawing from personal experiences, Ranji emphasized the sacrifices actors make, recounting a time when he couldn’t be with his family during a personal tragedy due to shooting commitments. “Many might envy our lives, but the challenges we face are real and profound,” he concluded.

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