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Chiranjeevi and Vashishta Mallidi: A Mega Collaboration Awaits

Daggubati Rana Touted to Play the Antagonist in Chiranjeevi’s Next

Chiranjeevi Vashishta Mallidi Film
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The world of Telugu cinema is buzzing with anticipation! Megastar Chiranjeevi is teaming up with director Vashishta Mallidi for a cinematic experience like no other. This Pan India project, helmed by the renowned UV Creations, promises not just grandeur but also an engaging socio-fantasy storyline.

The success of Bimbisara has set a high benchmark. For Vashishta Mallidi, directing a film starring Chiranjeevi post such a blockbuster is nothing short of an honor. As the casting net is cast wide, speculations are rife. The latest grapevine suggests Daggubati Rana might play the film’s antagonist. Given Rana’s commendable portrayal of Bhallaladeva in the Baahubali series, this association can send ripples across the film fraternity.

Vashishta’s narration prowess might be the catalyst here, with Rana being captivated by the character’s depth. And while the lead actress’s role is still under wraps, insiders hint at a potential collaboration with Anushka. Known for her commendable rapport with UV Creations and her cinematic charm, she could be the perfect foil to Megastar. However, the enchanting Nayanthara is also on the list, adding more allure to the casting possibilities.

The film’s majority is expected to rely heavily on visual effects, necessitating meticulous pre-production, which is currently in full swing. Principal photography is eyed for a post-festival rollout next year.

As rumors swirl about Rana reprising a villainous role post the Baahubali era, all eyes are on the movie’s team for an official nod. If he signs on, the film’s allure across India would undoubtedly surge, generating palpable excitement among fans and cinephiles alike.

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