Mammootty Speaks Out Against Banning Reviews in Mollywood

In the heart of the Malayalam film industry, a debate over the impact of film reviews has stirred up significant attention, with veteran actor Mammootty stepping into the fray. Known for his decades-long influential career in Mollywood, Mammootty’s opinions carry considerable weight. During a recent media interaction for his film Kaathal, he spoke candidly about the issue, stating that a film’s success should not hinge on reviews. His comments come at a critical time when the industry is wrestling with the effects of ‘review bombing’—a practice where films are targeted with negative reviews on social media, often affecting their reception and success.

Mammootty’s perspective is shaped by his extensive experience in the industry, having witnessed its evolution over the years. He emphasized the autonomy of films and reviews, advocating for the audience’s right to form independent opinions about films. This stance is particularly relevant in today’s digital age, where social media influences public perception significantly. His remarks highlight the complexity of film reception in the digital era and the challenges filmmakers face in navigating this new landscape.

The actor’s comments also come in the wake of the Kerala High Court’s directive for closer scrutiny of vested interests in film reviews on social media. This legal scrutiny aligns with Mammootty’s views, underscoring the need for a balanced and fair approach to film criticism and audience reception. The directive follows complaints from filmmakers Ubaini Ebrahim and Mubeen Rauf, who alleged that their films faced orchestrated negative reviews, impacting their performance.

Mammootty’s intervention in this debate is a crucial moment for Mollywood. It reflects the industry’s ongoing efforts to balance artistic expression with commercial success in the face of changing media consumption habits. His words resonate beyond the confines of the Malayalam film industry, echoing in film communities worldwide where the impact of social media and reviews on cinema is an ever-present discussion.

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