Kerala High Court Steps in to Address Review Bombing in Mollywood

The Malayalam film industry, also known as Mollywood, is witnessing a crucial legal development with the Kerala High Court’s intervention in the controversial issue of ‘review bombing’. This practice, where films are targeted with negative reviews on social media, often orchestrated, has become a significant concern in the industry. In response to these challenges, the Kerala High Court directed the state police chief to closely examine the influence of vested interests on social media, especially in relation to new film releases. This legal move follows after filmmakers Ubaini Ebrahim and Mubeen Rauf raised allegations that their films, Rahel Makan Kora and Aromalinte Adyathe Pranayam, were adversely affected by deliberate negative reviews.

The court’s intervention marks a turning point in the Malayalam film industry, bringing into focus the power of digital platforms in shaping a film’s public perception and success. With the rise of social media, the landscape of film criticism and reception has evolved dramatically, often blurring the lines between genuine audience feedback and targeted negative campaigns. This legal scrutiny represents an effort to understand and potentially regulate the influence of social media on the success and reception of films in Mollywood.

The case against nine entities, including social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, is a significant development. It demonstrates the industry’s growing concern over the potential manipulation of public opinion and the need for a more transparent and fair environment for film reviews. The police probe into this matter is a step towards ensuring that the film industry operates on a level playing field, where films are judged on their merit rather than falling victim to malicious campaigns.

This situation highlights the broader challenges faced by the film industry in the digital age, where the impact of social media is profound and far-reaching. The Kerala High Court’s directive is a pivotal moment for Mollywood, signaling a possible shift in how film reviews and their influence are perceived and managed in the industry.

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