Mahesh Babu’s Anti-Smoking Challenge in Guntur Kaaram Role

Facing a unique challenge, Mahesh Babu conquers his anti-smoking stance for Guntur Kaaram, opting for herbal beedis to portray a chain-smoking character. His dedication to authenticity shines through in this complex role, captivating audiences with his commitment and integrity.

In the whirlwind world of Indian cinema, Mahesh Babu’s recent insights on his role in Guntur Kaaram have caught everyone’s attention. Known for his adamant anti-smoking stance, both in real life and on-screen, Mahesh Babu faced a peculiar challenge with his latest character, Ramana – a chain smoker.

In a bold move aligning with his principles, the production of Guntur Kaaram introduced Ayurvedic beedis made from clove leaves, infused with mint flavor, and importantly, tobacco-free. Mahesh Babu, despite his personal aversion to smoking, embraced this challenge. However, he confessed that even smoking these herbal beedis led to migraines, a testament to his commitment to his role.

Guntur Kaaram showcases Mahesh Babu in a new light, with his character Ramana being loud and massy – a stark contrast to his usual roles. Mahesh Babu’s dedication to authenticity saw him imitating real-life personalities to capture the essence of Ramana. The film also features Mahesh Babu in intricate dance sequences, alongside co-star Sreeleela, adding another layer to his dynamic performance.

Directed by Trivikram Srinivas, Guntur Kaaram marks Mahesh Babu’s third collaboration with the renowned director. The actor’s satisfaction with the film reflects in its solid box office performance, resonating well with the audience.

Mahesh Babu’s portrayal in Guntur Kaaram and his innovative approach to handle a smoking character while adhering to his anti-tobacco stance has stirred admiration and intrigue among fans and cinema enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more such interesting stories at www.climaxahh.com! 🌟🚭🎬

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