Vishwambhara Chiranjeevi Film: A Fantasy Epic Unveiled

Vishwambhara, starring Chiranjeevi and directed by fantasy maestro Vassishta Mallidi, is the latest sensation in Indian cinema. This high-budget fantasy epic, with music by Oscar-winner MM Keeravaani, is gearing up to be a mesmerizing cinematic experience, exploring mystical realms and redefining the genre

Get ready for a cinematic marvel! Vishwambhara, the latest buzz in Indian cinema, marks a groundbreaking collaboration between the iconic Chiranjeevi and visionary director Vassishta Mallidi, famed for his fantasy masterpiece Bimbisara. Launched on Chiranjeevi’s 68th birthday, this project has sent waves of excitement across the industry and fanbase.

Vishwambhara is not just any film; it’s a high-budget fantasy extravaganza backed by the prestigious UV Creations. The film’s journey began in Hyderabad on November 20, 2023, with the team kicking off production even before Chiranjeevi’s grand entry in December. They’re not just making a movie; they’re crafting a masterpiece!

The film stands out for its star power, innovative direction, and, notably, the involvement of Oscar-winning maestro MM Keeravaani. His musical genius promises to add a magical touch to Vishwambhara’s already captivating storyline.

Diving into the plot, Vishwambhara explores three mystical realms – Bhulokam, Deva Lokam, and Paathala Lokam. Initially considered under the title Mulloka Veerudu, the film eventually embraced Vishwambhara for its universal appeal. With a staggering budget of Rs 200 crore and extensive VFX work, this project is ambitious, aiming to redefine cinematic experiences.

The pre-production is in full swing, targeting a wrap by next year and eyeing a grand release around the 2025 Sankranthi festival. Adding to the intrigue, Harsha Vardhan, the celebrated writer-actor-director of Maama Mascheendra, is rumored to play a significant role, though it’s yet to be officially confirmed.

In essence, Vishwambhara is shaping up to be more than just a film; it’s a spectacle bringing together Chiranjeevi’s charisma, Vassishta Mallidi’s innovative vision, and MM Keeravaani’s musical brilliance. This eagerly awaited film is set to be a landmark event in the Indian film industry. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates on this fantasy epic at! 🌟✨🎬



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