Laughing Buddha: A Unique Take on Police Lives by Rishab Shetty Films

Rishab Shetty Films' Laughing Buddha wraps up shooting, promising a heartwarming look into the lives of police officers with Pramod Shetty in the lead. Discover the film's homage to everyday heroes.

In a heartfelt nod to the everyday heroes clad in khaki, Rishab Shetty Films’ latest offering, Laughing Buddha, is all set to bring the world of police officers to the big screen, albeit with a twist. Directed by Bharath Raj and starring Pramod Shetty as the protagonist cop, the film has recently wrapped up shooting and is currently in the midst of post-production. As the film gears up for its release, Rishab Shetty and his team took a moment to extend their wishes to the Karnataka Police Department on Police Flag Day, celebrating the undaunted spirit of the force that stands tall against all odds.

Shetty, wearing the producer’s hat for Laughing Buddha, shared his excitement about the project, highlighting the film’s unique take on the lives of police officers. “Every field has its own positive and negative strides. While we have films that often feature police officers, mostly focusing on their professional lives, seldom do they touch upon their personal side,” Shetty noted. Director Bharath Raj aims to fill this gap by delving into the personal lives of these officers, infusing the narrative with lighthearted humor without sidestepping their professional commitments.

With Pramod Shetty leading the cast, Laughing Buddha promises not only stellar performances but also a fresh perspective on the lives of those who don the uniform. “I have watched the film, and it has shaped up well. I am looking forward to its release post the assembly election, aiming for a theatrical release in July,” Shetty added, his anticipation palpable.

The film also marks the Kannada music debut of Vishnu Vijay, whose compositions are set to add another layer to the narrative’s charm. Chandrashekaran’s cinematography and KM Prakash’s editing further bolster the film’s production value, making it a highly awaited release.

Laughing Buddha also stars Teju Belawadi and Sundar Raj in significant roles, rounding off a cast that promises to deliver both entertainment and insight. As Rishab Shetty juggles his role as a producer with his preparation for Kantara: Chapter 1, his commitment to storytelling that resonates with the audience shines through. Laughing Buddha stands as a testament to his admiration for the police force, a film that’s poised to entertain while paying homage to the courageous men and women in uniform.

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