Salaar Box Office Triumph: Prabhas’ Latest Hits 612.9 Crores!

Salaar Box Office hits a staggering 612.9 crores! Prabhas' action-packed performance leads this Tollywood blockbuster to unprecedented success, captivating audiences worldwide.

Tollywood’s Salaar is making waves, folks! But guess what? It’s winding up its run soon. Here’s the lowdown: Despite a quick cool-off, Salaar’s still a box office champ! And after 26 days, it’s raked in a whopping 612.9 crores. Whoa!

Now, let’s rewind. Salaar was buzzing big time, all thanks to Prabhas teaming up with Prashanth Neel. Heard of Janatha Garage? That’s them! Plus, rumors of a Yash cameo had fans going nuts. Prabhas back in action? Pure gold!

Released on December 22nd, it had to duke it out with Shah Rukh’s Dunki. Critics were mixed, but the crowd? They loved it! That’s how Salaar became a hit.

The money talk? It’s huge! In India, Salaar pocketed 405 crores. Overseas? Another cool 135 crores. Add it up, and we’re talking 612.9 crores globally. But, it’s slowing down, probably stopping shy of 620 crores.

Here’s the kicker: The film’s almost done, and now comes the promotion. Prabhas is out there, meeting fans, giving interviews. It’s a bit late, right? If only they’d done this earlier, maybe more cash at the box office?

It’s like they say, ‘better late than never,’ but with four new Telugu movies and Fighter coming up, this late promo game is a head-scratcher.

Salaar’s been a wild ride – big bucks, late surprises, and all that Prabhas charm. Tollywood’s never dull, is it?

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