Lal Salaam Dhanush Social Media Post Sparks Curiosity

Dhanush's social media post about Lal Salaam stirs curiosity, sparking discussions about his relationship with director and estranged wife Aishwaryaa Rajinikanth. As the film's release approaches, tensions rise. Stay updated with www.climaxahh.com for more!

The upcoming release of Lal Salaam, directed by Aishwaryaa Rajinikanth and featuring superstar Rajinikanth in an extended cameo, has created quite a stir in the world of cinema. However, amidst the excitement surrounding the film’s release, a recent social media post by Dhanush, Aishwaryaa’s ex-husband, has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions.

In his post, Dhanush gave a shoutout to Lal Salaam, but notably omitted any mention of Aishwaryaa, focusing his congratulations solely on Rajinikanth. This move has left many wondering about the implications of Dhanush’s decision, especially considering his history with Aishwaryaa, whom he was married to for 18 years before their separation in January 2022.

The omission of Aishwaryaa’s name from Dhanush’s post has ignited speculation and fueled discussions about their relationship and the dynamics between them post-separation. Some view it as a deliberate snub, while others speculate about the potential complexities and sensitivities involved in acknowledging Aishwaryaa’s role in the film.


Lal Salaam holds significance not only as Aishwaryaa’s directorial comeback but also as a project featuring a talented ensemble cast, including Vishnu Vishal, Vikranth, Dhanya Balakrishnan, Vivek Prasanna, and KS Ravi Kumar, alongside the iconic Rajinikanth. The film’s release is eagerly anticipated by fans, marking Aishwaryaa’s return to the director’s chair after a hiatus.

As discussions continue to unfold regarding Dhanush’s social media post and its implications, the focus remains on Lal Salaam and its impending release on February 9, 2024. Beyond the controversies, the film promises to deliver an engaging cinematic experience, showcasing Aishwaryaa’s directorial prowess and the stellar performances of its cast.

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