Kichcha Sudeep Apologizes After Fan Meeting Cancellation on 50th Birthday

Kichcha Sudeep’s Birthday Celebrations Witness Unforeseen Challenges

Popular actor Kichcha Sudeep turned 52 on Saturday, September 2, marking his milestone 50th birthday. As the clock neared his special day, fans began pouring in their wishes from September 1, turning the celebrations into a two-day extravaganza.

In a bid to ensure safety during these times, Sudeep had previously requested fans to refrain from visiting his home on the day of his birthday. Yet, the love and dedication of his fans shone through as hundreds made their way and gathered at Mandaya. Recognizing their efforts and being ever so considerate, Sudeep, in collaboration with security personnel, made arrangements to greet the fans who had traveled from distant places.

To manage the gathering and fulfill fans’ wishes to personally greet the actor, a barricade was set up and Sukra security was deployed. Unfortunately, the sheer number of ardent fans led to the barricade getting compromised. Given the situation, and prioritizing everyone’s safety, the planned interaction with Kichcha Sudeep had to be canceled.

Understanding the weight of the situation and the possible disappointment of his fans, Sudeep took to Twitter. Sharing a video, he earnestly apologized and clarified the reasons for the unforeseen cancelation of the fan meet.


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