Kriti Kharbanda Reveals Disturbing Incident of Finding Hidden Camera in Hotel Room

In a recent interview, Bollywood actress Kriti Kharbanda recounted a troubling incident where she discovered a hidden camera in her hotel room. She emphasized the importance of being vigilant, especially given the public nature of her profession.

Kriti Kharbanda hidden camera incident

Speaking with Hauterrfly, Kriti shared, “During a shoot for one of my Kannada films, a hotel staff member left a camera in my room. My team and I routinely inspect our surroundings for any suspicious devices. Fortunately, the individual wasn’t adept at hiding the camera, as it was poorly placed behind the set-top box. It’s alarming to think about the lengths one has to go to ensure personal safety.”

Kriti’s revelation comes on the heels of other actresses sharing similar concerns. Dia Mirza, in a previous interview, discussed the precautions she takes when checking into hotels. She became particularly cautious after videos of actresses in compromising situations began circulating online a decade ago. Now, she has a strict protocol: upon arrival, she personally inspects her room for any hidden devices.

Anushka Sharma, too, has faced privacy breaches. She expressed her outrage when a video from her husband, cricketer Virat Kohli’s hotel room in Australia, was leaked. Addressing the issue on social media, Anushka stated, “For those who believe celebrities should just deal with such invasions of privacy, you’re part of the problem. Exercising self-control benefits everyone. If this can happen in a bedroom, then where does one draw the line?”

These incidents underscore the pressing need for stricter privacy measures and awareness, especially for public figures who are often at the receiving end of such violations.

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