Karthi Responds to Kasthuri’s Joke on Selfie Controversy

Controversies are common in the South Indian film industry, from Bollywood to Kollywood. One such recent controversy involved veteran actor Sivakumar and the common act of taking a selfie.

Sivakumar had a run-in with controversy twice when he stopped fans from taking selfies without his permission. After the first incident, he apologized, but the second time, he remained silent.

During the music launch of the Tamil movie “July Kaatril,” Sivakumar’s son, Karthi, faced an unexpected joke from actress Kasthuri Shankar about the selfie incidents.

Kasthuri wanted a selfie with Karthi and joked about his dad not being there. Karthi didn’t like it, refused the photo, and spoke about people not asking permission for selfies. He added that phones, especially with bright flashes, could be harmful to some, like those with migraines.

Karthi said that nowadays, people don’t respect others’ personal space or ask for permission. Even in such a heated moment, Karthi managed to smile, emphasizing that respect is lacking in today’s world. Kasthuri realized she made a mistake. Many felt her joke was not needed and added tension.

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