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Shiyas Kareem Controversy: Engagement Meets Allegations

Film Actor’s Personal Highs & Legal Lows

Shiyas Kareem Controversy
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Shiyas Kareem, a well-known film and television actor, is currently facing a storm of emotions. On one side, there’s the bliss of his recent engagement, and on the other, serious allegations that threaten to overshadow the celebrations.

A 32-year-old woman from within the Chandera station limits has lodged a sexual harassment complaint against Kareem. The accuser claims that since April 2021, she has been sexually assaulted by the actor under the pretense of marriage. Additionally, when she insisted on their union, she allegedly faced physical harm. Moreover, she accuses Kareem of fraudulently taking lakhs of Rupees from her. The lady in question has her employment in Ernakulam.

Amid these charges, Kareem revealed his engagement to Rahana, a doctor, held on August 20. He shared their happiness on social media, unveiling photos and sentiments of their union, and began the caption with the date “20-08-2023”. Pearle Maaney and Srinish Aravind were among the celebrities who extended their congratulations. However, the public’s responses weren’t entirely celebratory, with some asking Kareem to clear the air regarding the allegations against him.

Interestingly, Kareem’s Instagram story hinted at his mindset. It showcased Robert Downey Jr., a Hollywood actor who had faced legal issues before finding success, underlining the message “Good Days Will Come.”

With the Shiyas Kareem controversy gaining traction, it’s a wait-and-watch scenario regarding how things will pan out in his personal and professional life.



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