Karthi Speaks Out on Suriya and Jyothika’s Mumbai Move

Recent buzz in Kollywood has been dominated by speculations regarding actor Suriya’s shift to Mumbai with his wife, Jyothika. While some have hinted at a potential family split, Suriya clarified the move was solely for the sake of their kids.

Amidst the swirling rumors, Suriya’s brother, Karthi, decided to share his perspective. With many pointing fingers at Jyothika as a potential cause for the speculated family rift, social media platforms have been flooded with opinions.

Addressing the issue, Karthi expressed his sentiments, saying, “To me, Jyothika is not just an actress; she embodies the role of a mother. She’s always embraced us as her own. With my mom now in Mumbai, our home feels incomplete. Her absence isn’t due to any rift. Every moment with Jyothika fills our lives with happiness.”

On the professional front, Karthi is gearing up for his next venture, Japan.

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