Janhvi Kapoor Tollywood Debut in Devara: Sky-High Remuneration Talk

Janhvi Kapoor's Tollywood debut in Devara is the talk of the town, with swirling rumors about her remuneration creating a stir in both Bollywood and Tollywood circles.

Bollywood diva Janhvi Kapoor is all set to make a grand entrance into the Telugu film industry with the upcoming film Devara, starring alongside the illustrious NTR Jr. This move has created quite the stir, and not just because of the star-studded cast. The talk of the town is Janhvi’s remuneration for this project, with figures flying around that are enough to make anyone’s head spin.

One report has put Janhvi Kapoor at the pinnacle of Tollywood’s pay scale, claiming she’s bagging a whopping Rs 10 crore for Devara. If true, this staggering amount would catapult her ahead of established Tollywood actresses like Pooja Hegde and Rashmika Mandanna, who reportedly earn around Rs 4 crore per film.

However, this narrative isn’t without its challengers. Another source throws a curveball, suggesting that Janhvi’s fee is actually Rs 6 crores. While this figure is not as eye-watering as the Rs 10 crores rumored, it’s still a landmark payment for Janhvi, marking the highest fee in her career to date.

The plot thickens with the mention of Saif Ali Khan making his Telugu debut in Devara, under the direction of Koratala Siva and the musical genius of Anirudh Ravinchander.

Janhvi Kapoor’s foray into Telugu cinema is more than just a career move; it’s a significant step in expanding her artistic horizons. With a solid track record in Bollywood, featuring in hits like Milli and Good Luck Jerry, her transition to Tollywood is eagerly awaited by fans and industry watchers alike.

As the debate over her exact remuneration for Devara continues, one thing is clear: Janhvi Kapoor’s entry into the Telugu film industry is a major event, marking a new chapter in her flourishing acting career. While the numbers may vary depending on who you ask, the excitement and anticipation surrounding her debut are universally shared.

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