Gangs of Godavari Faces Potential Release Date Shift

Namaskaram Tollywood fans! The cinema schedule in December is heating up, and with it comes potential date shifts and a wave of passionate responses from our beloved actors.

Mass sensation, Vishwaksen, who won hearts with his recent hits, is all set to take us on a rustic journey with Gangs of Godavari, helmed by the talented Krishna Chaitanya. With Neha Sshetty painting the silver screen with her charm, expectations are sky-high.

However, clouds of uncertainty hover over the movie’s release. With Salaar announcing its release date, there’s a domino effect taking place in December’s movie calendar. Originally, Gangs of Godavari was set to grace the theatres on December 8, 2023. But now, with both Nithiin’s Extra Ordinary Man and Varun Tej’s Operation Valentine also releasing on the same day, there’s a buzz about a possible date shift.

This hasn’t gone down well with Vishwaksen. The actor, known for his candid nature, took to Instagram to share his angst. Expressing his emotions, he spoke about the struggles of actors without an industry lineage and how they often face attempts to control their career trajectories. Holding his ground firmly, he stressed that if Gangs of Godavari doesn’t see the light of day in December, he won’t participate in its promotion, highlighting his dedication and hard work for the film.

Produced by Sithara Entertainments and Fortune Four Cinema, the film promises a treat for the ears with Yuvan Shankar Raja’s magical compositions.

Mana andariki favorite films eppudu vastayo chudali, but let’s cheer for the art and the artists, hoping every film finds its perfect release spot and shines brightly!

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