Actress Dimple Hayathi questions government; Highlights Unbearable Traffic Conditions in Hyderabad

Dimple Hayathi, famed for her role in the Telugu movie ‘Khiladi’, got stuck in traffic on the popular Durgam Cheruvu cable bridge last night. She took to Twitter to express her grievances about the current traffic conditions in Hyderabad and questioned the government policies in place. In her tweet, she said that it takes more than an hour just to reach home and asked what would happen if there was a medical emergency. Along with her post, she shared pictures from inside her car as evidence of the severity of this issue.

The actress went on to say that citizens don’t get fuel free from the government which makes it worse for people trying to commute within the city limits. Her tweets soon went viral and created a stir amongst netizens who echoed similar grievances about the traffic issues that have become a part of daily life for Hyderabadis. This soon turned into multiple people criticizing the government and it’s actions.

Unfortunately, Dimple deleted her tweet soon after it started gaining popularity online, but it was too late as her message had already been heard loud and clear by many across India. The incident has once again highlighted how urgent it is for authorities concerned to take immediate action regarding these problems and come up with better solutions before such situations get out of hand.

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