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Sreeleela’s Heart-Touching Bond with Balakrishna!

When Bhagawant Kesari Brought Real-Life Magic for Sreeleela

Sreeleela and Balakrishna Bond
Image Credit: IMDb/ Instagram @sreeleela14

Lights, camera and heaps of action at the Bhagawant Kesari trailer event! But, hold on folks, amidst the popping flashlights, Sreeleela had some spicy scoop for her fans. Taking center stage, our dazzling diva couldn’t contain her excitement and spilled the beans about her unforgettable journey as Vijji Papa.

Here’s the juicy bit! Sreeleela and Balakrishna are not just reel-life partners, but they’ve brewed a thick-as-thieves bond behind the scenes too. Imagine the bubbly Sreeleela breaking into giggles, thanks to Balakrishna’s timely Gemini zodiac jokes whenever the sets got intense. “We are fellow Geminites,” she’d say, both laughing away their stress.



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Tugging at our heartstrings, Sreeleela hinted at how Balakrishna’s fatherly avatar filled a void in her life. A bond that reminds her of the love and guidance she missed while growing up. It’s a lifetime of memories packed into the making of this movie.

Before signing off, she sent waves of love to director Anil Ravipudi for rolling the dice on her. “This isn’t just a film; it’s my treasure trove of memories,” she winked.

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