Yogesh Faces Criticism at Rosy Event for Speaking Tamil

The Kannada film industry recently witnessed a surprising turn of events at the character poster launch of the much-anticipated action film, Rosy. Yogesh, popularly known as Loose Maada Yogi, found himself at the center of a controversy for choosing to speak in Tamil at the event. Yogesh, a celebrated young actor in Sandalwood, is known for his action-packed roles and has amassed a significant fan following, especially among the youth.

Rosy, Yogesh’s upcoming Kannada film, has been creating a buzz in the industry with its intriguing storyline and powerful character portrayals. The character poster launch was a pivotal moment for the film, introducing Tamil actor Sandy Kumar to the Sandalwood audience. Kumar’s character, depicted as a fierce persona in the poster, was well-received by the fans, heightening the excitement for the film’s release next year.

In a gesture of camaraderie and to extend a warm welcome to Sandy Kumar, Yogesh chose to address the audience in Tamil. He expressed his gratitude to Kumar for his contribution to Rosy and shared the film’s release details. The event also saw Yogesh engaging with fans, even sharing a dance with the audience, adding to the celebratory atmosphere.

However, this decision to use Tamil instead of Kannada during his speech did not sit well with a section of the netizens. The video of Yogesh speaking in Tamil rapidly spread on social media, sparking a debate about the appropriateness of his language choice at a Sandalwood event. Many expressed their disappointment and offense, feeling that Kannada should have been the language used to address the audience in Karnataka.

This incident highlights the sensitive nature of language in the regional film industries of India, where linguistic identity plays a crucial role. The reaction to Yogesh’s speech reflects the deep-rooted love and pride the Kannada audience holds for their language. While Yogesh’s intention was to honor his colleague, the response underscores the expectation for Sandalwood events to prioritize Kannada.

As Rosy gears up for its release, this controversy adds an unexpected layer to its journey. It serves as a reminder of the cultural nuances and linguistic preferences that shape the film industry in Karnataka. Despite the controversy, Yogesh’s popularity and the film’s appeal remain strong, with fans eagerly anticipating its arrival in theaters.



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