Vishwak Sen’s Emotional Outburst on Gangs of Godavari Release

Vishwak Sen, a bright star in the Tollywood horizon, is known not just for his acting but also for wearing his heart on his sleeve. This time, he’s making waves with his highly anticipated action drama, Gangs of Godavari. A captivating tale set in the picturesque Godavari districts, the film promises a ride into the tumultuous world of the 80s, highlighting the region’s thugs and political intricacies.

With production credits going to the seasoned Suryadevara Naga Vamsi and the banner of Sithara Entertainments, Gangs of Godavari was initially set to share its release date with big hits such as Nani’s Hi Nanna, Nithiin’s Extra Ordinary Man, and Varun Tej’s Operation Valentine on 8 December. However, sensing the competition, the decision was made to postpone the release.

But here’s the twist! Vishwak Sen didn’t seem to be on board with this decision. The actor, known for his outspoken nature, took to Twitter and shared a heartfelt message, emphasizing his dedication and passion for the film. Expressing his desire to stick to the 8 December release date, he attributed his fierce determination to the blessings of divine entities, Gangamma thalli and Goddess Maha Kaali. However, as is the nature of fleeting emotions, the tweet was soon deleted.

Helmed by the talented Krishna Chaitanya, the film showcases the Godavari delta, with sequences shot in the serene town of Eluru. Featuring a stellar cast that includes Nassar, Anjali, Sai Kumar, and Goparaju Ramana, Gangs of Godavari promises to be a cinematic treat. The cherry on top? The lovely Neha Shetty plays Vishwak Sen’s love interest, adding a romantic touch to the thrilling narrative. While Navin Nooli has skillfully handled the editing, the musical notes that will capture our hearts come from the gifted Yuvan Shankar R.


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