Vinayakan: From Movies to Controversies

Vinayakan, celebrated for his roles in movies like “Thimiru”, “Silambatam”, “Kalai”, “Siruthi”, and “Marion Vinayakan”, recently caught the limelight with his portrayal of a menacing antagonist in Superstar Rajinikanth’s hit movie, ‘Jailer’. As this success is pouring in more cinematic opportunities for him, it’s worth noting the controversies that surround the actor.

A few years prior, model Mrituladevi brought forward serious allegations against Vinayakan. She accused him of inviting her and her mother to bed and subjecting her to sexual harassment. Post the accusation, the police apprehended Vinayakan for an interrogation, during which he reportedly confessed to the alleged actions.

Furthermore, Vinayakan’s conduct has been questioned by several others, including actress Rima Kallingal, who too accused the actor of misbehavior.

As Vinayakan continues to carve a niche in the film industry, these past allegations serve as a stark reminder of the off-screen issues related to the actor.

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