Vinayakan’s Spirited Escapade: Ernakulam’s Starry Night Drama

In a tale reminiscent of reel life mirroring reality, Vinayakan, our very own star from the cinematic marvel Jailer, found himself amidst a drama that was anything but scripted. The Ernakulam Police had a surprise guest in the form of Vinayakan, following a night of festivities that went a notch too high. Though the actor seemed bewildered about the cause behind his brief stint behind bars, the incident sent ripples through the film fraternity, especially among the ardent fans in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The ruckus occurred in the wake of the monumental success of Jailer, a film that not only celebrated the grandiose return of Rajinikanth to the silver screen but also showcased Vinayakan in a light that left the audience in awe. While Jailer continues to reign supreme at the box office, Vinayakan’s off-screen escapade unfolded a narrative that was as intriguing as the plot twists in the film.

As word spread about the incident, the filmy circles were abuzz with chatter. Vinayakan’s unexpected encounter with the law became the talk of the town, sparking off debates and discussions at every nook and cranny of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The irony of the situation, given Vinayakan’s reel-life heroics in Jailer, wasn’t lost on the cinephiles.

The actor, who had etched a place in the hearts of the audience with his stellar performance, now found himself at the center of a tale that was both amusing and concerning. The Ernakulam Police have been tight-lipped about the details, adding a touch of mystery to the unfolding drama.



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Vinayakan, a name that has become synonymous with nuanced performances, now finds himself in a script of real-life drama, much to the bewilderment and amusement of his fans. As the story of Vinayakan’s spirited night continues to unfold, the fans are on the edge of their seats, awaiting the next twist in this off-screen drama.

This episode has indeed added a dash of unexpected masala to the spicy world of South Indian cinema, making the wait for Vinayakan’s next screen appearance all the more exciting.

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