Vijay Devarakonda’s Grand Gesture Faces Unexpected Twist

Vijay Devarakonda, Tollywood’s shining star, never ceases to amaze. Famous for his commanding on-screen presence, he’s equally known for his big-hearted gestures off the screen. In the past, this actor’s philanthropic endeavors have made headlines, garnering admiration far and wide. Taking things up a notch, Vijay recently announced an all-expenses-paid trip to Manali for 100 lucky individuals, further solidifying his reputation as an actor with a golden heart.

Hot on the heels of his new film, Kushi’s announcement, Vijay shared another heartwarming decision. Determined to share the love, he revealed plans to gift 1 lakh each to 100 families. It’s evident that Vijay cherishes his fans and supporters, wanting to include them in his journey of success.

However, every story has two sides. As Vijay’s charitable intentions gain momentum, an unexpected chapter from the past unfolds. Abhishek Nama, the brains behind Abhishek Pictures, has thrown a curveball. Rewinding to 2020, this distributor acquired the rights for “World Famous Lover”, a Vijay Devarakonda starrer that, unfortunately, didn’t woo the audiences as expected. The film’s underwhelming performance at the box office led to significant losses for the distribution house.

Re-emerging from the shadows of the past, Abhishek Pictures claims a loss of 8 Crores owing to “World Famous Lover”. Drawing parallels with Vijay’s recent philanthropic activities, they’ve openly sought compensation. Their message to the actor underscores their hope that his generosity extends to them, highlighting the struggles of their exhibitors and distributors.


While the distribution house’s losses concerning “World Famous Lover” might be genuine, leveraging a noble gesture for personal compensation raises eyebrows. The Tollywood community and fans now keenly await Vijay’s reaction to this unexpected turn of events. Only time will tell how this tale of philanthropy and claims unfolds.

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